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Jayant (Jay) here! 40 years old. Ya, never dreamed I'd be into speed. It started 4 years ago dusting off some K2 Express 2000's skates I bought around 2000. In addition seeing olympic speed-skaters. For some reason it "stuck" this time 'around. I was hooked *though never thought I'd become so addicted. I did it mainly to supplement weight training with interesting cardio. I loved the workout and though terribly sore afterward (a great feeling sore) I wanted to do it again and again! And I did do it again and again again!! *I began to watch videos and happened upon Mr. Matzinger and the double-push. That really inspired me. Nonetheless I spent hours in the parking by the University of Toledo here working on technique and exercises to improve. I decided after 2 years to
Move up to bigger wheels and bought some Mach 100's (k2) with the hi-lo set up. Loved those skates! Still yet perusing the inline warehouse website, I never thought I'd pick up a pair of those crazy yet beautiful looking speedskates. "now those are *insane!" I'd think. * Somewhere along the journey I started thinking about competition. Dunno why, perhaps *just the athlete in me refusing to completely lie dormant. I hadn't competed in anything since cycling in college. Maybe it was the fact that I have a tendency to push myself like I am training or competing for something. Again, maybe just all the years of sports I did- running, basketball, swimming, football, etc. Sometime in the winter I began to dream of speed skates and eventually got some at the end of May (Bont Semi- race 3pt.) They came on the same day that my K2 Mach 100's got stolen out of my car. Go figure! I entered my 1st race in July (Chicagoland) and skated the 1/2 marathon distance. Had a blast! Now I'm seeking to do indoors over the winter. Just experienced 1st speed practice last week. That was quite different but exhilarating. So who knows where this journey might lead.
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