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I still have a shot at 3000 for the year. Early darkness will not help my cause. 2900 gets me (virtually) from NYC to San Francisco. Might have to be happy with that. I'm at 2786 now. 3K seems SO CLOSE! Yet...far away. normal bike commute is 10 miles a day round trip, 5 days a week. This is the MINIMUM cycling I do and I do not record any of it. So minimally speaking through October I have 2000 miles of cycling added to my skating totals for self-propelled travel. As of this moment (November 9, 2017) I am about 180 miles shy of 5000 miles bike+skates+boards.

Also, in the past 8 days in a row I cranked out 104 miles on the new quad skates in 10 sessions, along with 60 miles of cycling to and from work.
2 Inline Skates, 1 Quad Skates, 4 Longboards, 3 Bicycles, 0 Cars

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