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Originally Posted by ese002 View Post
And more fun in the Sun in August:

Hiking Totals
1 Activities
10.19 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,503 ft
Avg Speed: 1.7 mph
Avg HR: 79 bpm
Calories: 808 C
Max Distance: 10.19 miles
Max Avg Speed: 1.7 mph

Cycling Totals
3 Activities
27.21 miles
Elevation Gain: 312 ft
Avg Speed: 12.6 mph
Avg HR: 101 bpm
Calories: 623 C
Max Distance: 9.71 miles

Skating Totals
34 Activities
453.12 miles
Elevation Gain: 11,037 ft
Avg Speed: 11.4 mph
Avg HR: 117 bpm
Calories: 15,839 C
Max Distance: 44.04 miles
Max Avg Speed: 13.9 mph

Total Totals
46 Activities
499.15 miles
Elevation Gain: 12,946 ft
Avg Speed: 10.1 mph
Avg HR: 112 bpm
Calories: 18,220 C
Max Distance: 44.04 miles
And the classic race month of September:

Cycling Totals
2 Activities
19.67 miles
Elevation Gain: 167 ft
Avg Speed: 12.5 mph
Avg HR: 100 bpm
Calories: 438 C
Max Distance: 10.28 miles

Skating Totals
31 Activities
442.84 miles
Elevation Gain: 9,721 ft
Avg Speed: 12.2 mph
Avg HR: 121 bpm
Calories: 16,780 C
Max Distance: 43.98 miles
Max Avg Speed: 18.8 mph (Northshore Inline Marathon)

Total Totals
39 Activities
468.70 miles
Elevation Gain: 9,954 ft
Avg Speed: 12.0 mph
Avg HR: 120 bpm
Calories: 17,912 C
Max Distance: 43.98 miles

Down slightly from August. Given similar disruptions, I attribute this mostly to one fewer days. If September had 31 days, it would include tomorrow's expect 44 miles putting me over 500 miles for the month.

Speed is up noticeably. Some of it can be attributed to Northshore (which was fast but not has fast as it would have been without the tactical blunder). But I have also had pretty fast commutes recently too including one morning that beat the previous record by more than 1/2 mph.

No hikes. The race and race training took the Saturday's that I would normally allocate to hiking. October is likely to be similar. I'm racing Tucson on the 22nd, training on the 14th, and doing the Halloween Friday Night skate on the 27/28th. The 7th is a possibility but I have the opportunity for pace line training on that day, I will take it.

I'm taking a pass on A2A this year. There is a technical limitation I need to overcome before I can have any confidence of getting into a useful paceline.
Next year.
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