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Originally Posted by ese002 View Post
Good work!
Thanks! I was hoping for a 3000 mile year. But I will settle for 2362 miles, which is the shortest driving distance across the USA. I have already biked across the USA (literally) and have no intentions of trying to actually skate it, but I would like to virtually skate it mileage wise at least. Even with terrible weather messing up August I still have a shot at the 3000, but fairly certain, barring injury, that I get the 2362. If I could hit 3250 miles, that's skating across China. YOU ARE ALREADY THERE!

I'm at about 3700. I should cross the 4000 mark near Labor Day.
Dedication fo sho! Nicely done!

FYI...Trans Siberian Railway stretches a little more than 9000 miles. Not looking like you will make that but I will do some research and keep you posted on every country you skate across virtually. Adds a little sense of accomplishment for me and puts the miles in some sort of perspective. All of that adds to my motivation.
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