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I'll mention one last thing. The Zeleritaz Bearings Retractor works for 608, but not Twincam ILQ-X mr2 bearings. The tool only removes the inner ring. I expected this, but as explained above, I don't understand why the lip isn't made a little longer. I mention this in case anyone has any slick ideas for removing mr2 bearings. With the inner ring removed, I'm thinking I need to find something that will fit perfectly inside the inner ring and on the interior floating spacer. The opposite bearing can then be tapped out similar to the procedure I mentioned in an earlier post in this thread.
I found the perfect tool to remove ILQ-X mr2 bearings: a frame axle! Once you remove the bearing inner ring, the thick end of a frame axle will pass through the bearing, but sit on the floating spacer edge. Light tapping will force the opposite side bearing out via pushing on the floating spacer. It is the slick solution I was looking for. Thank you to everyone who posted with ideas (yeah, that would be NOBODY).

FYI, I did find one shortcoming of the Zeleritaz Bearings Retractor. The depth of the Bont wheel bearing seat can case the retractor to fail. In other words, a bearing sitting below the lip of the hub will cause the tool to fail. You will need to use other tools/methods to get the first bit of bearing movement out. At that point the retractor will work. Obviously, this could be a huge issue since I suspect some bearings may be nearly impossible to get that first movement. Now that I've found a foolproof way to remove mr2 bearings, I will probably use them exclusively when dealing with the Al hubs.
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