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Originally Posted by shafeeqs View Post
The lip on the end of the puller has to be small - no thicker than the inner race of the bearing, otherwise it just dents the shield.
I took a look at bearings I had lying around and the inner race sits higher than the shield. The shield will not dent if the bearing is pulled straight out. Additionally, if a bearing actually has two shields, I'd say most racers won't replace it after cleaning (though, admittedly, most bearing pullers are not made for racers since most combination presses don't fit race wheel sizes).

I ended up buying the Zeleritaz Bearings Retractor and in limited testing have been fully impressed. I tried a variety of bearings in the Bont Al 2.0 wheels and all have easily popped out. If you want a tool you can throw in your skate bag that will make pulling bearings easy, this is it. Beyond the Bont aluminum hubs, I like the idea of not stressing/deforming plastic/fiberglass/etc hubs by using this tool. For example, the G13 hubs get loose over time. Rocking out the bearings with a typical tool can not be helpful.

I'll mention one last thing. The Zeleritaz Bearings Retractor works for 608, but not Twincam ILQ-X mr2 bearings. The tool only removes the inner ring. I expected this, but as explained above, I don't understand why the lip isn't made a little longer. I mention this in case anyone has any slick ideas for removing mr2 bearings. With the inner ring removed, I'm thinking I need to find something that will fit perfectly inside the inner ring and on the interior floating spacer. The opposite bearing can then be tapped out similar to the procedure I mentioned in an earlier post in this thread.
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