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Default Skating slower on 125mm

Hi, I'm not new, but I haven't been around in several years...but I have a problem on which I could use some advice. I've been inline speedskating for 16 years.

I finally switched to 125mm from 110mm in May this year. I've been tracking my speed and I skate about 5-10% slower on 125mm. I have custom Marchese boots (12 years old now), a 13" EO 125mm carbon frame and black magic wheels. On 110mm, I have a Liberty Sports aluminum frame and black magic wheels.

Here are two key things about me:

(1) I pronate, and I find that I have to move the frame all the way to the inside to feel remotely balanced

(2) I am a big solid guy, 6' and 225-230 lbs.

I skated in Central Park (NYC) doing 1 lap averaging 15.0-15.2 mph on 110s and 13.9-14.2 mph on 125s.

I feel like I get much better "roll" on 125s, especially up hill, but I think I lack stability and am not fully transferring my weight enough between pushes, so am not pushing as hard.

Also I was skating with a guy in the park, who has the same 125mm frame, but is a much lighter guy, maybe 170 lbs, and he had better roll when we were gliding side by side.

I'm not sure what to do. Given my weight, could it be excess flex in the EO frame? Excess flex in 125mm plastic hub wheels? Both? Or just the extra 15-20mm height combined with my pronation? Or just crappy technique and I should be more patient?

I was thinking I might try the Bont aluminum hub wheels first, before buying a different frame...

Any advice?
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