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I know the use of a hammer sounds destructive, but it all comes down to the procedure. I placed a floating spacer on the bearing. I then used a metal pipe that rested around the circumference of the floating wing of the spacer. I then tapped the pipe with a hammer with increasing force until the bearing moved. I was putting an equal force in the correct direction across the whole inner ring of the bearing. I can't think of a better way unless you could also spread the force to include the outside ring of the bearing (but the wheel hub is in the way).

The Zeleritaz Retractor looks like a great option IF it can create the required force. Anyone have experience with the tool on Bont 2.0 hubs? (Kimberly, have you or Eric used it to remove tight bearings like I described?) I'm skeptical the handle length and my small hands can create enough leverage.

I reached out to a friend who is sponsored by Bont. He said he has never had this issue. I know he is being honest, but I was surprised by his response. I was expecting something more like what I found on Reddit. Everyone else I have talked to have either said it is a nightmare or in some cases they haven't ever removed the bearings (NOT a solution!).
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