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Default Bearing Puller for Bont 125 wheels?

I just received my first set of Bont Red Magic Hardcore 2.0 125 mm wheels (the new tight bearing seat Aluminum hub). I was able to insert one Bones Swiss Ceramic bearing with some effort (and grease per my typical procedure). I was able to remove it with help from a hammer. Further attempts found I could use a hand held pusher tool to remove the bearing with significant force. This is all installing only one bearing. I can't imagine how I could PULL out a bearing with the hand tools I have. I know nothing about bearing press/pullers. I only care about pulling the bearing out. Any recommendations on what to get? I found this Amphetamine Bearing Press/Puller that would appear to work for pulling bearings from any size wheel even though it can't handle 125mm for installing bearings. Am I correct to think it would work? The lip to pull the bearing looks kind of small, but like I said, I have no experience with bearing pullers.

unrelated FYI, wheels weigh 226.0g (MPC Black Magic were 202.3g)

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