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This is NOT a helpful reply. I only offer you sympathy. I have duck feet. For years I bought boots in standard sizes/widths that, in a short time, would squeezed all feeling out of my feet and caused blistering. I suffered with this problem for years. I twice used an improvised scissor-like flat bar set-up, with a c-clamp, and pieces of wood to spread the toe box. It helped, but these were leather boots. They would stretch with use, even without using a stretching device. The Atom boots are, I think, all synthetic with a shell made of carbon fiber and mold-able fiber. I donít know how that material would respond to stretching. Anyway, I now have to order custom-made boots to fit my freakish feet. But hey, its important to have a good fit. You need to be comfortable and its critical to have feeling in your feet when you skate.
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