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Default Chicago 2016 Skate Marathon (Half/Full) will list Quad times separately

After requesting this from the race management for a few years, I was just informed by the Chicago Skating Marathon (half/full) that for this years events they are finally going to allow quad skaters to identify themselves separately in the registration process, and to also list them in their own tabulated group within the timing results this year.

This will NOT be separate Quad starting waves for the races, since quad participation is still too low for that, but I do hope that the many derby skaters who have previously, and will again (or 1st time) complete in either of this years races will now appreciate not ONLY just being welcomed and allowed to be in the race, but to actually be treated as a distinct and separate category of skaters when we register.

This will also mean that they will handle our chip timing results such that the race results lists can present us quad skaters as our own timing group for comparing ourselves with all the other quad skaters more easily (NOT with the inline skaters).

I have also been lobbying to have them consider a name change to a new one that's less exclusive (as example used above), but for the present, the event name remains the 2016 Chicago Inline Marathon.

As a final thought, would there be any interest with derby teams' skaters to have some kind of a quad group timing competition where the times for a small group (3, 4, 5?) of skaters would be combined together to establish a group time result. The quad teams would only be allowed to draft off each other, not to draft behind the faster inline skaters.

Any other quad skaters have ideas to attract more quad participants into these events. Since they are expensive, coming up with new ways for cramming as much fun as possible into these races, which could expand the level of quad participation, would be great.

BTW, this year I will be making available several sets of the worlds best performing narrow outdoor quad wheels in the 70mm and larger sizes to be loan out for select quad skaters to use in the race (first come - first serve).
If interested, let me know in advance.

With the diminishing quality of this course's asphalt becoming ever rougher over the last few years, the challenge for quad skaters that this race course now presents really demands using the largest possible diameter narrow wheels, with a soft and high rebound urethane formula, well optimized for outdoor performance.

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