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Originally Posted by WJCIV View Post
What sort of shoe are you wearing? If it has a soft sole that could allow the doop part of your setup to wobble no matter how rigidly you hold your foot. And if the wheels are wobbling enough to get further on their edges while you are trying to skate a straight line, I could see that causing problems.
Note this is is not so much about Doop skates as a whole, I know that shoes make a big difference, but about mounting the 3x110 frames on a Fila F100 boot. Fila F100 boots are stiff, low speed skating boots. Unfortunately, they are not thermoplastic. They are not ideal, but work well enough with the other frames I have (4x90, 4x100, 4x110).

Originally Posted by Stroopwafel View Post
Maybe also the type of 110mm wheels you used?
I used the wheels that came with the Doop skates. Not great wheels, but they roll well enough.

Originally Posted by kufman View Post
I have never liked 3 wheels setups of any kind on rough surfaces including 3x125. I use a 5x80 frame for my 3x125 setup. On a rough surface, I would much rather have the 5x80 instead of the 3x125. Just like bjvircks, fewer wheels equals rougher ride and a bigger chance for the wheels to take wicked detours on the edges of bricks or cracks in the road.
One experiment I can try is to put 3 wheels per frame in my 4x110 frames and then compare that to the same wheels in the 3x110.

That should rule out the number of wheels or any wheel differences.
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