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a large part of the smoothness or roughness depends on how many simultaneous points of contact with pavement surface you can have at any one instant of time. The more points the smoother the feel. Think of just one wheel... it has to follow each and every rise and dip. Two wheels are about the same as the front wheel rises and falls with every contour and so does the rear wheel. When you get to three wheels some smoothing happens because it is highly unlikely that all three wheels will encounter the same rise/fall at the same instant. When you have 4 or 5 wheels they can never go down into the deepest dips and so the ride is smoother and the front/back rocking motion that you'd have on a 2 wheel setup is minimized.

edit: wheel size also plays a significant role in smoothness. A small wheel can fall deeply into dips when a very large wheel will simply bridge over the dip.

So... long frame is not "directly" related to smooth but seems to be because more wheels and bigger wheels drive a longer frame.

or maybe not! I'm open to rebuttal discussion!
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