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How about 9 weeks ago? I was just skating a session... junior high girl decided she needed to talk on her cell phone while skating. I was trying to get around her: she managed to catch me at the perfect (or not so perfect for me) time- I was on one foot, and she managed to kick my foot out from under me, I landed on my knee, and slid on my shin... The last scabs have finally come off of my nice 7 x 4 inch rink rash. (and yes, it was basically down to muscle) And this was on a bare wood floor (has never seen a coat of roll-on).

Last year, while skating at a private fund raiser at the Saint Louis Zoo, (it was a 70's theme, and a derby league I was involved with was paid to skate as entertainment!) some friends & i decided to go up the hill to see the big cats. However, we did not think about how to get back DOWN the hill. As the rest of the group inched their way down on toe stops, I decided to just tuck & go! Unfortunately, directly at the bottom of the hill was where the party-goers were decked out in heels & suits, totally oblivious to the 200+ lb skater headed directly for them. At the next-to-last second, I hooked a sharp left and headed up a different trail- that was composed of bridges with almost 1/2 pipes between them. After the third bridge, I totally lost my balance and pulled a superman- flying into the grass on the side of the trail. What a rush!
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