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Hi Therikkster,

Originally Posted by therikkster View Post
What's the worst disaster/near-miss experience you've had on skates?

I was skating in the city, and while going around the opera house, I noticed a little set of wharfs, with concrete ramp leading down.

Or atleast, it /looked/ like concrete.

Half-way down, I realise that actually, it's wood. Wood painted to look black and cementy. Black painted, water slick wood. And that the wharf dosn't have a fence. A straight drop into the harbour. At night. In skates and jeans and pads.

I ended up throwing myself to the ground (Thank random fluctuations in the space time continuum for wrist pads) and crawling back up the ramp.
I have had many, yet I am trying to reduce them.

The last one, 2 weeks ago, was a fluke and I went down on my tail bone. I finally have recovered and feel no re-occurent posterior tenderness.

I think the one before was in-doors, and came at me from out of the blue. I went down on both arms on some object on the floor and splayed out flat forward on the floor.

Oh Well the time continuum is preserved.

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Dave
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