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Originally Posted by ballardthedome View Post
about two inches of sand
Living in a coastal area, I honestly can’t count the number of times I’ve gone down under similar circumstances. I have to replace my knee pads annually, but I’ve gotten pretty good at skidding on my right knee and popping back up.

My funniest skatastrophe would be this incident from the Big Apple Roll this summer:
Times Square on a Friday night. Need I say more? This skate was rather slow, owing to covering a lot of high traffic areas at a high traffic time. Got a few good runs in, though. One of them was an excellent reminder that smooth pavement can go crappy at any moment, and if you’re running flat out, you can get flattened out.

I ended up doing one of my signature Sliding Knee Grinds™where I skid for a while on one knee and one hand then pop back up with most of my momentum and pride intact. In this case it was the right knee and right wristguard for a good thirty feet. Only problem was the the toe of my skate was also sliding. Oops. I’d already wounded the leather in a few spots previously, but this time I ground right through the carbon. About ten minutes later somebody rolled up and next to me and asked where I got the Bonts. I tried for a moment to remember where, since I’d gotten a really good deal, then remembered it was Back Street Inline. He said “Yeah, I know. I’m Paul.” Then proceeded to tell me how to patch them up. One of the many times fortune smiled upon me this weekend.
Yeah, I’m lame; still haven’t patched them up. The toe of my right boot is still wrapped in the same black duct tape I put on them in the hotel room later that night. I like to pretend it gives me “street cred,” whatever the hell that is. But deep down, I know better.
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