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This would be a near miss.

I used to go down hills all over Salt Lake City. I had someone clock me on a very smooth road at about 40mph. I thought I was hot stuff when it came to speed. I just had cheap roller blades with four wheels. So, I decided to try a very large hill at the outside of Little Cottonwood Canyon. The hill was very long and steep and the limit was 50mph.

I had someone go ahead of me to pick me when I got down the hill. I had brand new wheels and bearings. I always wore pads, but bicycle pads are not made for the speeds I was about to attain.

I started down the hill and everything seemed okay. Then the speed really picked up. My left skate started vibrating wildly and there was no way to slow down. I had to put most of my weight on left skate to keep it stable. I can only guess at the speed I went. I am guessing more than 50mph because nobody passed me (or was even close) until I was starting to slow down where the road leveled out.

After that episode I knew I needed much better skates, and I needed motorcycle equipment to protect myself if I was going to continue skating at those speeds. I decided I would rather stay at slower speeds. It is cheaper anyway. I still love a speed rush, but better equipment is a must. There is a hill up here in Idaho I have been eyeing. We shall see...
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