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I am an indoor skater. I started my indoor skating as a quad speed person, then I progressed to inlines as they came on to the market.

Well, a bunch of us decided to go outdooring with our inlines. Being a speed skater, I felt compelled to play in traffic since I could easily keep up. But being an indoor skater, I had been sheltered from such things as hills, gravel and other obstacles, so I had no idea to look out for that kind of stuff and how to deal with it.

I was cruising with traffic and I decided to go from the street to the sidewalk. There was an opening between some parked cars that I went for. I failed to notice the huge grease / oil spot on the pavement where cars usually park. As soon as I hit the spot, my skates instantly went out from underneath me. I smacked the pavement pretty hard and my momentum wedged me underneath a parked car. I had no safety gear on. Luckily I suffered only minor scuffs and scrapes.

I got back up and endured several minutes of ridicule and harassment from my friends. So I got back up and took off in the other direction leaving them in the dust. As I was blasting up the street, there was a set of railroad tracks that I had to cross. I decided to jump them. Of course, a plain old jump wouldn't be sufficient, I had to regain my ego from my crash a few minutes ago. So, I pulled a picture perfect boneless 360 over the tracks. As I was halfway through my revolution, I noticed there was a cop following me, and he was not happy about us skating on his streets. He chirped his siren as soon as I landed. I thought he was giving me some sort of positive attention, so I took off on a full sprint. I passed a few cars on a double yellow. The cop ended up pulling me over. He yelled and screamed and threatened to give me all sorts of tickets and to impound my skates. He let me go, but I had to walk back to my car 2 miles away in my socks.

That was the beginning and end of my outdoor career, well then end for a while. :evilgrin:
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