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Unhappy Argh! Phew! Argh!

For me it had to be about a 6 months after I started skating. Picture this if you will...

Having gotten my stuff together and feeling all cocky I headed down a very shallow hill when out of a side alley i'd never even noticed (error #1: lack of awareness) come four or five ladies wearing full Burkhas (read 'reduced perihpheral vision' for all those who haven't come across this before). In my effort to avoid any accidents I loudly stated 'skater passing on your left', to which the ladies in question kindly stepped out of the way to reveal a car pulling out which wasn't there 2 seconds before (error #2: lack of forethought). Cue the Starsky and Hutch bonnet slide and one irate driver. But wait...

...I turn my head to apologise and say i'm coming back and then bang, I got veeeeery personal with a lampost (error #3: just being a complete fool). How I got away from all that with just a bruised body and a deflated ego I do not know but thank the lord I learnt my lesson there and then!
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