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****NOTE**** On all other message boards, my member name is atlsk8r. However, someone else already has that name here, so I'll be GregT. Sorry for the confusion

Name: Greg

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Skating Disciplines: freestyle slalom, street, speed

Current Skates: Seba High Deluxe (2008), Pinnacle speed boots

Past Skates: Loads of K2s, Rollerblade Twister II, Harper speed boots

Favorite Tricks: Hard to call them "favorites", more like "habits". They are: 1) crazy variants, 2) crazy leg variants, 3) lots of turns - basically anything that keeps me from successfully making my way down the entire line of cones in a run. I am partial to Mexican and its derivatives. Not a big fan of technical stuff, but Naomi has recently taught me some more advanced moves.

Events: BattleUS 2009, Miami Mini-battle 2010, Athens-to-Atlanta (A2A) ultra-marathon

How long skating & slaloming: Skating - 12 years or so? Slalom - almost 2 years.
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