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Thanks, Naomi. Good idea. I am curious how many more slalomers there actually are in the US.

Name: Kirsten
Location: Chicago, IL but I am from Germany. I have lived in the US for 6 years
Equipment for slalom: Getting used to my Seba FR1s with deluxe frame and my beloved Hyper Wicked Glass Hockey wheels. Had Rollerblade Fusions until a few weeks ago.
Favourite slalom trick: I know that sounds very beginner but I always fall back to the backwards criss cross. I like the sun and mabrouk as well
Events: Did a few races for fun like 24hr Montreal, SFO marathon but no slalom events yet. Hoping to make it to Battle US
How long skating & slaloming: 10 years, 2 years slaloming.
Other info: I'm organizing Windy City Inline Skaters. Check us out at and Skate with us should you ever visit Chicago.
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