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Default Slalom Skaters - Introduce Yourselves!

Hey hey, I'm wondering what other slalom/cone skaters on this forum think of our having our own 'introduce yourself' thread? We're such a small and growing type of skating in the US that its still pretty intimate particularly on this forum, and I'm keen to know who is out there, particularly in the US - I only really know about those that allow me to teach or coach them, and those that write to me.

If people are up for this, I'll kick it off:

Name: Naomi Grigg
Location: UK, but looking to change that. Pretty much live on the road.
Equipment for slalom: Seba Igor skates, Gyro wheels, Twincam IQL-9 bearings.
Favourite slalom trick: maybe actually 'the Italian'! It feels so good and can be done fast.
Events?: Yes. formerly as competitor, but now as 'very concentrated spectator' (judge) or organizer.
How long skating & slaloming: 16 years skating, 7 years slaloming.
Other info: Umm... can't think of anything to write here, but wanted to encourage everyone to write anything they want about themselves...!

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