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Default Update 12517

invaders vs my long frame. Not finished with the plate by no means. Lots of trimming to do and lightening holes to drill as well. But this is what they look like put beside the invaders, using SA(normally 1" tall barrel cushions IIRC).

1 1/4" of cushion space to play with. Spacers are very light so not really a weight issue there. No compression on the cushions on the mock up. Alignment is good on the trucks. Pivot angle should be nearly identical to DA45 trucks, but lighter by 20 grams. Next set of plates will be weight minded for sure.

I skated plastic plates a long time ago. I'm wondering if the plates flexed so bad because of the stiffer, high ramp up cushion configuration? Just thinking that maybe a set of plates with a lot softer cushion set up would be more stable. Delrin.... comes to mind...
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