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Default Update 112517

I worked on the trucks a little today. But need to clearance a bit more on the bottoms of the trucks for more room during lean. Counter sunk the KP holes for a little more angle. Opened up the cushion pockets on the top side of the trucks to accept standard 1" cushions. The goal is a lower CG of force at the truck. I am thinking that with the lower CG, a little more traction could be available. The pivot is fairly high in the SG DA 45s and with my cushion configuration, traction is very good, but I want to try to get just a little more....

Truck installed, gap to be shimmed at this point even with .750 tall cushions. I will be using over length KPs on one of my bar stock plates.

The SG KPs are too short and are installed to just mock up the fit.

Machined truck bottom, semi pockets. Going back to the mill later this week to hit it with a larger mill for more clearance without getting closer to the axle.

Later if this all works out, I will do the same work to a set of magnesium SG SA trucks, in preparation for magnesium bar plates. Possibly flips as well.
Stay tuned...
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