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%&*$ cell phones!

I have been known to snatch a phone from someone's hand, and when they look up I just tell the. " put this thing up when your on the floor or your not getting it back.". Firm voice, hold phone for 10 seconds after statement, give device back. Usually the kids stop... I don't do it to adults usually.

Cell phones being used(looking at them) is a instant increase in the likelihood of an accident occurring. If a rink doesn't care that people use cell phones on their floor they better prepare a retainer fee for a lawyer soon, chase they're gonna need it.

At our rink we have 2 corners and a lobby. I tell kids to get off the floor if they are gonna use their phone. Most of them know me cause I'm always there, and since I skate and am not just a "parent" I get a lot more pull to having their respect. So often I get results. Every now and then I'll have a defiant bratty ass kid (who is typically not a regular) "your not my boss" or "I'm going this way" when they are skating the wrong direction and I try to correct them. Ugh. When those super bratty kids tick me off its only a matter of time before one of the other regulars runs their wrong way butts over, and thats when I execute a hockey stop by them and say "THAT'S why you don't skate the wrong way! Your lucky it wasn't a big kid that hit you!"

I blame parents mostly. Theres way too many parents that automatically defend their children without knowing anything about a situation. Which teaches their kids that they can do no wrong. When I hear crap about my kid, I start asking her questions/ripping her ass first. I don't assume she's in the wrong but I don't dare let her think she's automatically in the right either.
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