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Angry Cell Phones on Rink Floor?

OK. New conversation. I skated an afternoon session today and it went well until a lady with a cell phone ran into me. She went down. I almost went down. But in the process of attempting to stay on my skates, I managed to twist my spine and get a nasty kink that hurt a lot for a short while. Caused me to end the skating early and hobble for home. After twenty or so minutes flat on my back resting and doing a few exercises I was taught at a recent stint with physical therapy, I managed to work the kink out.

She was apologetic (I appreciate that), but I told her she needed to be watch the floor and not the phone. I probably came off as a grump in a bad mood. But most of the session(2 1/2 hours) I was there, I was seeing Moms, Dads, teens, and tweens playing what ever on their dumb phones while rolling around.

AM I THE ONLY SKATER THAT IS ANNOYED BY PHONES ON THE RINK FLOOR? The only thing I can think of that is worse is those darndable SKATE MATES.

As rink patrons, we might be able to voice our opinions to the rink owners. Maybe some sense of reason might come forth. A new rule maybe? No cell phone usage on the floor. They ban gum. Most ban caps and hats(things that fall down and make other patrons go bump! Why not ban cell phone usage on the floor? They can do the videos from behind the rail. They can text the BFF back on the carpet. They can take selfies at the snack bar(stuffing their faces).

How about it forum members? How say you about cell phone usage on the skating rink floor?

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