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Default Check out Joe in Buffalo (Depew Skating

Hi Mort,
First I might not get back to read your reply for more than a week. Got lots to do, so sorry in advance.

You have a Good Hope for Teaching.

Originally Posted by Mort View Post
Yea. I was just going to make videos without commentary, then if someone wanted a in depth explanation on how I acomplished a move I'd write it out in more detail. I'm no art skater, while I can skate elegantly if I wish, its not really my style. I don't care either way, the important part is for people to learn how to manipulate their skates line of travel by selectively displacing weight/lateral forces- IE- learning how their skate carves. o - o
So far the best I have seen is Joe. He is an Art Skater teacher and has a YouTube Channel. Courtney has also done OK, yet Joe since Art is more complex, has done more. Look at both. Also Kathie has some stuff given to her yet it gets kind of hidden.

The thing about caving around others, learned by many seasoned session skaters, on all different skate types, and great Derby skaters on low cuts, IS that the moves are hard to teach and even explain.

How you watch all the traffic, and could be obstacles/problems is in itself an adaptive talent hard to teach. Yet give it a Go.

Originally Posted by Mort View Post
o - o I'm not for or against any kingpin angle or plate setup, but you gotta know EVERY aspect of your situation, and to some degree almost every aspect of others before you give advice like its gospel. Lots of people like to bash on gear here too, like "if only it were 7mm". "if it wasnt a cobbled DA45 with press fit KP's" "if it had flips" the list can go on. o - o
"It's about the Skater" comes to mind.

Yep I finally decided to stay away from the Quad section due to all the horribly not knowing skaters. Hard to teach someone OnLine with a frozen brain. AND I GET MAD. Like me you too have seen skaters on everything. InLines (various types), Quads with low cuts, mid cuts or high tops, flat presentation or Art.
You get to learn more when you see more stuff, and do not have a Frozen Brain. Oops that reminds me of a personal story on SLF. Never saw anyone spin on their toes 30 plus times and said it was totally impossible TILL I saw it in person. and then found videos on line.

Originally Posted by Mort View Post
o - o I hope If we can get such a video thread going that it stays entirely clean and informative. Maybe I can just get it started and get 1 post in it, have it locked and just edit things in as people send me links VIA PM, so there is no slandering. I don't want to be an admin here, I don't want to work where I play. o - o
That is a little bit difficult here, unless you do it under Roller Dance. Usually due to me the Quad crazies stay away. Yet that too can change.

It would be nice to have it inside of SLF rather than outside, yet clean management doesn't seem obvious.

Originally Posted by Mort View Post
o - o Damn I wish I owned a rink :/ I'd probably host a lot of "learn to skate for free" classes 45 minuites before session if you came early/ signed up and skated that session.
Now Mort, you can do this and I could too. Yet Mort I don't want to lose my skate time, so I am reluctant to offer. Anyway, A young lady(40s), former Art Skater down in Bethlehem, PA at SkateAway gives or gave her time on kids open session to train young skaters.
That is right free advice with her showing them moves and how to skate. My wife said I should do this. Yet again it would cost me time. Anyway, you can offer your rink your services. AND if they know you are good they will accept them.

One Skater, in a Rink Far Away, teaches another good skater, from another and then another Good Skater.

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
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