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Hi and welcome

decent and cheap don't always go hand in hand.

If you want some quality, you gotta pay for it... and 100USD really isn't much, perhaps save up a bit longer and buy some decent skates?

I spend 100Euro's on my first (fitness) skates, fell in love with slalom, bought seba's high and stopped using my Fitness skates after only 6 months.

A lot of people are really happy with their Seba's FR1 (made for freeride, but also good for slalom) and Seba's high (made for slalom, but also good for freeride - i love mine)
From what i read, the Twisters II pro are also good skates for both freeriding and slalom.

For slalom, the lenght of the frame is important. The 250mm frame on the Twisters isn't to big if you got big feet. For me, the frame would be to big since i'm a seize 39 EU (and use a 231mm frame).

You may also wanna check out the new Skali skate called: The maven. It's new, so you may not find many revieuws on that one.

If i were you, i'd have a look around on e-bay and see what you can find. Or save up a bit longer and go for the Twisters.
If you can find Salomon Deemax or Crossmax, those are good freeride skates to, but Salomon stopped making them.

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