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Default A decent pair of cheap freeriding+slalom skates?

Hey, I'm new to the forum and am wondering if you people can help me in selecting a pair of skates. I want to do mostly free riding stuff that you see french and english people doing on youtube but I want to try a little slalom as well.

Money is a problem though since I'm a college student and am broke off my ass really. I really don't want to spend more than $100 US (i think that's around 51 british pounds) on a pair of skates unless I find an incredible deal. And I realize that twisters and sebas are really expensive.
What do you guys think of K2 Soul 7 skates? Are those suitable for freeriding +slalom? They're available on ebay right now for around 60-80 us dollars (30-40 british pounds)

I've never skated before in my life, but I really want to learn and free ride in the city of Portland. They don't have to be perfect skates, just a pair that'll accomplish the job but aren't incredibly ******. I also live in the US if that makes a difference

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