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Default ** October 1-2: Naomi Grigg Atlanta Freestyle Workshop **

What? Mid-August already? And I've not yet spammed y'all?!

This must be remedied.

Yes, once again, it's time for Naomi Grigg's excellent Freestyle Slalom Weekend Workshop, here in Atlanta. That's 4 session (1.5 hour each) of more skating awesome that you can handle.

Whether you have never tried "snake" between a line of cones or are a seasoned veteran, you'll be in excellent hands with London-based rider Naomi. The former World #3 ranked slalomer probably has more experience teaching the sport than anyone else. In fact, as the head of the ICP Slalom Instructor certification program, she's the one that teaches other skate teachers how to teach slalom.

The particulars:
1) Date: October 1-2 (Saturday & Sunday)
2) Max students: 10
3) Cost: $120
4) No experience necessary. Naomi will tailor instruction to your individual needs.
5) Two, 1.5-hour skating sessions per day (total of 4 for the weekend)
6) Most of us usually head to a nearby restaurant after to hang out and recharge for next day's learn'n
7) If you are looking to save some money, I might be able to find you a free bed at a local skater's place. Can't guarantee it though.

Feel free to post any questions you might have here or you can PM me if you prefer.

Ok. So this is the point that I fire a ton of links at you:

What is Freestyle Slalom? Here's a short example (purdy, ain't it)

FaceBook Event for Naomi's Workshop

A Review of her slalom workshops from
================================================= ... 9uIEphbjEw

Some Description of the workshop from her website:
============================================= ... rkshop.asp

You can register/pay here:

Hope to see y'all in October!
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