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The one critical pic I'd request from the seller is the blade runners (th part you skate on) themselves. If they are chuck full of rust pocs, walk away. If they look in decent shape, as the uppers do, then these are great starter skates for kids. We've sold many "fixies" speedskates to rinks and skaters alike to get started.

The other consideration is that some times used gear can come with poorly sharpened runners, or a wavy radius (the rockering from tip to tail). These are not the kind of skate to take to a hockey shop for sharpening - they'd get destroyed first pass on a grinder. They need to be tuned (radiused & sharpened) by speedskating shop, I may know of one.

Overall these type fixed blade speed skates are great to get started, kids of adult beginners. Viking, btw, still makes a few fixed models, and by the look of the foot bed these look fairly new still, possibly... I may even know their origin.

Edit, Yep, I knew these looked a bit familiar. Kids have outgrown them.
Hope that helps.
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