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I suppose it all comes down to what your expectations are for your children's experience on ice and how it affects their inline performance.

While in their time "vintage" Viking skates were top-notch equipment... today I would pass on them. For one thing... they are 'Long Track' skates for 400m tracks with long straights and big radius turns... not suitable for 110m Short Track (hockey rink) skating. Long track skates just don't turn. You could pay to have the long track blades rockered and bent so they could turn. For a second thing... as your photos show... the blades are fixed in place and cannot be easily be moved to compensate for pronation or supination. Coaches in ages past have been known to grind off the rivets and reposition blades... but you've got to know what you are striving for. Thirdly... modern boots provide a completely superior level of ankle support.

In my opinion...if you've got the $$ to throw at skates like this and don't care about results your kids get... go ahead.
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