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Default K2's (or comfortable skates)

Hi guys. I'm a slalom skater, but have been looking for something completely different as far as boots go. My slalom skates punish my feet, they are REALLY hard skates.

I've been dreaming of having a skate as comfortable as my old K2 Fatty's. The Fatty's felt like a slipper, the most comfortable thing I've ever worn.

I'm finally able to make that happen, as Seba now sells a freestyle frame that will fit onto an aggressive boot. So my question is this...

Are K2 aggressive skates still as comfortable as they were in 1998? I'm looking at this pair, but I'd have to get the Seba frame, as this one is too long for slalom.

Or here's another way to put it...what is the most comfortable boot you've ever worn?
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