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First session on my quads. Nice Friday night session at the more popular rink about 30km away. Floor was great, at least for being cracked painted concrete anyway. Lots of grip and not too much rubbish on the floor. Not too many insane tweens tonight.

Took me most of the session just to get comfortable balancing on my new skates. They feel insanely short after inlines, even short frame ones. The forward-back balance felt really critical. Petrifyingly so at first. But got more used to it as the night went on.

Apart from that, they don't feel too unlike unrockered inlines. Once I got the balance point sorted and the knack of exaggerated pointing of knees to steer, they skate mostly the same as inlines. I managed to do crossovers, but I'm still struggling to get it continuously flowing. My current technique makes my inside foot turn inwards too much, mostly because I instinctively lean that foot over too much, because that's what you do on inlines.

Surprisingly enough that two-feet-on-the-floor-crossover/criss-cross-around the-corners shuffle move (discussed in the Crossovers Fear Or Futility thread in the beginners forum) proved to be utterly trivial. Exactly the same as on inlines. Criss-cross in general was slightly easier to balance through, but certainly nowhere near as snappy.

My feeling on quads so far, after *2 whole* sessions!, is that they are slower, less forgiving to balance mistakes and floor crap and less maneuverable than rockered inlines. But I remain open to having any of that updated as I get better on them, and find a set of blue cushions for them.

Having said that, there's something unidentifiably charming about them. I didn't suddenly feel like I'd had a style injection or anything, but mmm, something.
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