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Default Wednesday 06April2011 Session

Hi all,

Missed a few sessions on this BLOG that Adam is Absent Adding yet what the hey I still like Adam's (RollerKingdom's) Idea.

Tonight was I guess quiet. No group skate parties so only regulars or returns that are striving to learn, and my buddy Derby gals coming early before Wednesday practice.

1>Derby Gals being shooed to the New Rink side was I guess the biggest event on a non event night. I don't at_all like the accommodations for their skate bags and stuff on the other side yet I do understand both sides (Derby/Rink Owners). I hope the rink/derby works out something better.

2>InLine 100/110 Skaters: Well we had a few tonight which is abnormal for my Wednesday skate. It seemed like a family thing. The kids who still can't skate so well all had on their racing swim suits and the one mom was quiet proficient backwards on her big wheels.

3>More about people and skating, yet all fun
3a>Even congratulated are two world champion married skater teachers with kids for just hanging out for a spell and just skating for a spell. Teaching is not all that skating is.

4>Left Leg still a Pain and can't do all my routines

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
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