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I could have written the same entry that SD Rollergirl did! I skate every Tuesday, which is kinda the regulars adult night and always fun. Love skating with my guy skate partner, trailing the 3 sisters and synchronizing their skate patterns, dancing in the middle, doing patterns with another big guy, etc.

About once a month I might get a bonus to be able to go again on the Friday adult night. My skate partner goes every Friday and says it's been getting crowded. Usually there are adult birthday parties with people dressing up (I don't mind that, I do it too for special nights!), newbs, mental-rentals, or orange-wheelers skating in and blocking the fast lane, falling, making the deadly right turn off the rink, carrying their purses on their shoulders (WTH?), and just generally skating snail slow and being in the way and totally unaware of anyone else's whereabouts! I realized Friday nights aren't all that fun, except that you can show off your skill to those that aren't regulars!

My skate partner said, "I will be glad when summer comes and the rink attendance will be lighter (no AC in there) and we'll have room to skate." And he's an expert skater that weaves in and out backwards with no sweat! I guess it's a good thing that attendance does pick up so that the rinks stay open.
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