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Thanks for the replies, all
I just got the boots today!
Stops and cushions are dry rotted but that is to be expected.

Wheels are Veriflex! I have been really needing a good outdoor wheel so this is very good news. I wonder if they would work well on smooth concrete?

I popped the bearings out and have made some interesting discoveries.
All bearings are dirty and will need a deep cleaning.
I have been reading Doc's sticky on bearing cleaning. Have never had to clean this much grime out as I never let mine get this dirty.

All have their shields and are 8mm

8 NMBs 608Z
1 NMB Veriflex 608z
2 that say Germany 3 GMN 608
2 NTN 608Z
2 Hoover NSK 608
1 no marking or label

I think 608 is referring to them being 8mm but wanted to specifically describe the labeling on each.

Getting ready to do some research on the bearings but anyone should feel free to jump on and flex knowledge
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