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Smile Dekindy, US Skates and Berry Skates/both. Amohrfeld...Good Luck!


I just called Berry Skates and found out that Berry Skates is also now a distributor of Roll Line skates. It use to be only US Skates. Now it is Berry Skates and US Skates as distributors of Roll Line Skates.

Amohrfeld, last year I apparently got the last pair of 165 "Ring" Plates. I bought them at US Skates in a blow out deal. They only had two pairs left and I bought the last pair of 165's. I hope you find a pair of 165 "Ring" plates, but they do not have the same action as the "Dance" plates. I think you will find the action is less than a Imperial, but still they are a really neat plate and I like the action for "Pattern" Dances and I also like them for Figures.

If you read the literature on the "Ring" plates they will say same plate as Dance Plate but the action has been tuned down. So, there is not as much turning action on the "Ring" plate compared to a "Dance" plate although they look the same on the outside. I had the same idea and found out the hard way, but they are still a really neat plate,!


Larry Otani

P.S. I am waiting to save up a litte bit more money and will buy a pair of the Freestyle/Figure Berry Boots for my 165 "Ring" plates. The Freestyle/Figure Berry Boot is a little bit taller than the Dance by one row of eyelets.

You wouldn't think being a little taller boot makes a difference, but in a Dance Berry boot I wear a 270 and in the Freestyle, we are guessing the 275 will be best. They only had a 280 Freestyle Berry Boot at Nationals and we felt it was a little bit long, but still fit. We decide to go with a 275 for Freestyle/Figures.

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