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Really enjoyed reading about your thoughts and experiences. Thanks for your posts. Health benefits, 7-year-old feelings, floating (I call it "flying," same difference) - I agree with all of it. Me too, me too. It's like I tell ppl: its the second most-fun thing to do in life.

I'm an outdoor quad skater. I go about twice a week. My favorite haunts are two local outdoor roller hockey rinks, the wide & smooth & hilly sidewalks at the Los Angeles Civic Center, Venice Beach slabs & dance circle & boardwalk, the wide & smooth concrete around the Los Angeles Convention Center, and a long, smooth bike trail that runs around the top of the dry & empty Santa Fe Dam. My iPhone provides the tunes for pace & entertainment. I especially like those rockin' Rolling Stones, Parov Stelar, Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen, Skrillex, Beatles, etc., etc.

There is an inactive post here that you might like to read. Do a search for, "Why do you skate?" It's in the Main Skating Forum.

Later skater!
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