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Default May be wrong, but still say loctite


Eh, I find that some loctite on there, even just once is worth it. after you break it loose and run the bolt back in, usually holds better than the bolts which never had any. Also, this person in question is likely not changing wheels out frequently like yourself. I'm sure by now you have developed a sense of how much torque is enough, where a newer skater may not.


Been all over the place. Went to Indiana the weekend of Feb 14th. Still haven't been to Mass. Did you ever go to EWNB?(Eight wheels no brakes) what rink is the skate you speak of ? What day and time? Will need info to plan for it sometime.

Next out of town trip (well up north that is) will be to Steel City Shuffle Skate here in a few months. The host rink is Neville Roller Drome. Probably my favorite rink ever. Love that place. Lots of good groups on facebook and easier to manage on the fly than skatelog. Really tho the FB group "Skate Addiction" is the best resource for anything skate related. Tons of knowledgable cats on there.

Info for that skate event:

ANNOUNCING the 2nd Annual Steel City Shuffle Sk8 July 27-28, 2019

**This is a No Rental Skate Event**

In 2019 a second venue has been added!

This year we roll at Valley Skating Center AND Neville Roller Drome!

Schedule of Events

SATURDAY July 27 6-10 PM
The warm up session Valley Skating Center, Donora PA
Join us for a great meet and greet warm up session on the 18,000 sq. ft. rotunda floor.

Meet and Greet/Happy Hour 6pm-7pm
Warm up session:7-10pm

July 28 9am-Noon Open Streets Pittsburgh

Join our Skate Family and skate in and around the beautiful City of Pittsburgh during Open Streets. This is a FREE event (with the possible exception of parking). For details and route information, please visit their website.

July 28 6:30pm - 10:30ish

Once again we will welcome our Skate Family for a great night of Shuffle and Jam Skating. This is when we leave it on the floor!

Admission: $12


The host hotel will once again be the Fairfield Inn of a mile away from Neville Roller Drome.
The Art work is in the final stages.
There will be T-Shirts again this year.
Main Event Pre-sale tickets will be available. Tickets will also be available at the door for the Main event.
DJ’s for the event will be announced in the near future

Steel City Shuffle Sk8 2018 Posts/Information
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