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Stephen1974, I hope you did not get hurt when you dropped to your knees and fell on your forearms. I believe that would be the SECOND WORST way to fall. The WORST is to bounce your head off the concrete. Most of the time there is a safer way to land.

By doing a forward flop you risk a getting a road rash or a fracture of those body parts, maybe even a face plant if you hit hard enough. A safer option is to twist your torso so you land on your shoulder or your side and then “barrel roll” to a stop. The idea is to spread out the impact over as much space as possible. You do not want to concentrate your fall onto just one part. That can break bones. Like that old saying, “it’s not the speed that kills, it’s the sudden stop.” So don’t stop suddenly, roll it out. You will likely get a cut or bruise, but the chance of a serious injury is reduced.
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