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Default Good Idea Top Tips

Good Post,

Up above Kathie put in Sticky Posts so they stay up on top of each list. Top Tips for InLines. Top Tips for Quads, Top Tips for ?? would all by good Treads to start and have the moderator add them to the Sticky Treads.

BTW, I have been on this list forever, even with long absent bouts.

InLines for me have a lot of top tips. I would always recommend a Back Pack when you skate outdoors. Skate Tools, Stuff to clean up debris if you skate in difficult areas, maybe some collapsable ski poles. And if a beginner that doesn't know your feet will pay for over use beyond your skill some bandages and mole skin to put on the blisters, or other blister helpers.

Probably won't be here again for awhile, SO please Add if you wish or start a tread devoted to Top Tips for InLine Beginners and then contact the Moderator or Moderators to add the tread to the Sticky. They will edit it.

Have a Great Skating next Adventure.

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
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