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Day skating is different than night skating. In the day, I like passing the runners. It makes me feel fast and in shape even though Iím not. I like chasing the bikes. The bikes are a lot harder to catch up to. The people all get familiar. I usually see the same group of random strangers when I go out. Iím sure all of them would stop to help if I needed it.

Water is heavy. My favorite route is 5 miles from home and back. I donít have to carry anything but a house key. I will skate the route multiple times. I can stop at home for anything I need. Itís easy to keep a record of distance traveled.

I also like to spook the local wildlife. It happens a lot. Small furry creatures are everywhere around here. Mostly rabbits and squirrels. The rabbits are fast. They will run the trail in front of me sometimes.

Iíve jumped a few snakes that spooked me. I do have a fear of hitting a deer. The deer usually run the other way. Sometimes they double back.

I feel like Iím getting stronger everyday. Iím losing weight. I like that I donít have to work at it. The health benifits are a byproduct of going out for a bit of fun. Donít let the fear keep you from the fun.

I will be skating tonight. Work got in the way of going out this morning. .

I know you will try it. The heart wants what it wants. You canít stop it.

Good luck
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