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Quads! I was concerned at first. Scared. I walked the route I planned on taking before skating it for the first time. Pack some shoes just in case. At first, I would avoid the really rough sections of trail. Eventually I skated them on purpose. Just to get some experience on a less than ideal surface. Now, itís not a struggle at all. Itís just the bit of trail on my way to the nice smooth section of trail.

My first venture outdoors was less than 1 mile round trip. I was tired, shaking, hurting. I was so nervous I couldnt stop from digging my toes into my skates. The tension was horrible and painful.

Itís much easier now. Itís my favorite place to skate. The jitters are gone. The trail is right outside. Not having to drive somewhere is a huge plus for me. All those big obstacles look much smaller now. I wouldnít even call them obstacles anymore.

I found that stones are most dangerous when I slow down or stop. Otherwise, they get thrown out of the way by the big soft wheels. Sometimes they make a cartoon ricochet noise. Iím not kidding. It took me a while to figure out what it was.

I learned a new skill! Rolling off of a curb. It was surprisingly easy once I got past the fear of the uneven surface.
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