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I live in a smallish town in Michigan between Detroit and Ann Arbor. It used to be all farms and fields. It is now subdivisions and strip malls. There are a few streetlights here and there. Most people keep their porch light off. I use a handheld white light on its lowest setting with a diffuser on the lens. Iíve tried some powerful lights but I didnt like them as much. Too bright. Seeing a few hundred yard in front of me wasnít needed. The hotspot on the powerful light was too bright to be useful up close.

My favorite light source is the moon. The bike trails are dark enough that the moonlight is bright enough when the conditions are right. I was surprised how well I can see in the darkness. I still take my handheld light because there are sections of trail that intersect roads.

I feel like Iím 7 years old when Iím skating. The early morning runners and bikers are all so nice. Having all the trails all to myself is a different kind of nice. I skated 15 miles in the morning and another 10 miles last night. I need to find a way to make a living doing this.
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