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Default New skater experience

Hello everybody,
I’ve just started skating the past few months. I’ve had more fun than I think I should have. I though I would share my experience for other first timers. Thank you to everybody that contributes. I’ve been doing a lot of reading here.

Wear your skates! I would put my skates on at home to do normal everyday house stuff until I got comfortable. I got to try a bunch of different obstacles while in the privacy of my own home (tile, stairs, hardwood, wet floors, carpet, bath towels, toys).

Learn to stop in as many ways as you can.

The local rinks that I tried were the worst. The skates were neglected. The staff cared very little about anything. The songs were the exact same in the same order every time we went.

Outdoor skating is hard! The streets are tough! Little hills and curbs look and feel giant the first time you approach on skates. Zombies (people wandering about looking at a cell phone) lurk about everywhere. If you announce that you are passing on the left, expect them to move to the left right where you told them you were going. Don’t trust the “right of way”. Keep yourself safe. Especially at cross walks. I have a feeling most people don’t know/care how the system works.

Rinks seem small once you skate outdoors.

Night skating is magical. I started waiting until dusk so the heat wasn’t so bad. It is fantastic. I get a feeling like I’m floating that I don’t get in the daytime. My favorite section of trail has a long wooden bridge. The fireflys are flashing by the hundreds. The moon and stars shine through the trees. It truly feels magical. I feel like I found something that few people have seen or experienced.

Skating is fun. I’ve been skating everyday that I can. I can’t get enough. The first mile was rough. Now, 10 miles a day isn’t enough.

Practice in crappy conditions. You don’t want your first skate in the rain to happen when you are miles from home. Rough trail/roads. Sidewalk cracks and irregularities. Damp wooden bridges. Pinecones. Mulch. Rocks. There are a lot of obstacles out there. Practice getting run off the trail. Know what it feels like to transition into grass before you need this skill.

I don’t know any other skaters or skating families. I’m sure this will change with time.

I doubt I’ll ever stop skating. It has been wonderful.

Thank you,
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