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Sometimes you can get them used for cheap, from derby skaters who "upgraded" and don't use their poisons anymore. There are a lot of Facebook skate groups check them out. Or maybe the local roller derby leaugr(s)

Depending where you skate outdoors will determine what kind of wheel profile would best suit you. Cosmic superflys are another good outdoor wheel for smoother terrains. I wouldn't go to a 78A softie unless you have some crappy areas youre skating. Even then it would be for comfort.

Rougher terrain will want not just a softer wheel, but a thicker amount of it.

You can take low kingpin angle plates and make them turn as well, or make them bricks. There are lots of ways to set up suspensions.

Also wheels will have a significant influence on how a skate handles. With a simple wheel swap, you can go from "turns O.K." to "holy crap!"

The best example of this would be moving from say a 98A SG Zombie LOW wheel(5938) to a softer 88A Rollerbones turbo (RBT). The hub in the zombie runs the ful width of the urethane, and the wheel is squared up on the edfes, so there is no "lip". This makes it good for high speed skating, but does not turn all that well. Where the RBT example here is a softer urethane and has a lip, with a hub that does not run the full width of the wheel. The lack of support on the lip allows the edge of the wheel to deform easier, and it helps the skate carve more sharply. Combining that mid level firmness urethane and a wheel with those build characteristics really lends a hand to the skates overall agility. The Zombie example pretty much makes the plate do all the work. Not a lot of deforming will happen at that urethane hardness and a hub that supports the urethane all the way to the edge tops it all off.
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