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Smile Update

Out of town last week so just catching up on responses.

I put in an order for Bont QuadStars at a relatively local rink. The gentlemen gave me a really nice price, so I went for the leather.

...after measure/re-measure/re-measure rinse/repeat I realized the print out I used off the Riedell site to measure length was not a good idea. Accurate measurement using heel against door frame, a piece of paper and a tape measure aligned with my "feelings" relative to what I had tried on.

Anyhow, I ended up ordering a pair in 8.5. Will be picking them up Friday, so we'll know then if I got it right!

Mort - Thanks for these details...I considered building myself as you suggest but when thinking through my obsessive nature combined with my ignorance of proper skate response I felt like building on first pair was just too much. I will file this for next time/next pair.

Originally Posted by Mort
For a size 9 foot, I would be looking for a 180mm(size 5 in the SG AVENGER line) wheelbase...
For reference, I think the skates I ordered come with 175mm plates but the guy at the shop told me he would swap them out if I wanted longer plates.

Originally Posted by Mort
The turning can be tuned out of the plate if you find it "over responsive".
This makes a ton of sense to me, and I am guessing you cant go the other way.

RBT = Roller Bones Turbo?

7Skaters - Chicago's avoided. Really appreciate your "PLAY with them" advice. I will do as you outline. Very helpful diagram.

All - Wheels - I ordered a pair of Pacer Velocity wheels for outdoors but also need a pair for my daughter. The lime green isn't going to go with her future mint green vanilla's so I will look at both the Moxi's and the Atom Poison's (pink)... Anyone have a used set of either?
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