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Default Just a little FYI

Richard aka "Armadillo" is no longer with us.

As for your budget. Heres some helpful ideas.

Used soccer/football/rugby cleat(looking for good lateral reinforcing)@ goodwill/ thrift store. Cut off cleats grind/sand flat to mount. You will know how well it fits and wont have to guess the size by charts.(10$?)
Use Tee nuts to mount.

Used set of Atom Poison slims (62x38) for outdoor use.(25-40$) If you can't find slims , normal poisons will work just fine.
Used set of 93 to 97 A RBT'S for indoor use.(70-90)

Cheapest bearings available. Usually found in goodwill/thrift store skates. Make sure they have "precision" bearings. Usually the skates will say "ABEC" somewhere on them. 5 bucks will get ya a set of old inline skates usually., cannibalize the bearings, junk the rest of it

This is all to save money for the part that isnt good to go cheap on. The plate. SURE GRIP Alu Avenger is a great starter plate. Adjustable pivots, good 8mm axles, VERY DURABLE baseplate. They have a good deck height to avoid wheelbite as well.

The turning can be tuned out of the plate if you find it "over responsive". Ask Fierocious1

For a size 9 foot, I would be looking for a 180mm(size 5 in the SG AVENGER line) wheelbase, most people consider it too long for your foot,. But for a new skater having a comfortable stable and forward axle placement is key for confidence IMO. Also since this will be used outside the farther forward the front axle the better. It definitely helps navigate over debris easier when you have weight shifted to your heels for rougher terrain.

I skate a 193mm wheelbase plate on a size 10 vanilla freestyle. no turning issues
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