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Default I actually skate on one of the plates you asked about.

I've skated on Dynapros, Avengers, and now the Killers. I haven't skated the Arius but I can give you feedback on the Killers.

I love the fit and finish of them. There's something indescribable about how well built they feel. They're very much a set it and forget it kind of plate. Once I got the trucks adjusted they've just stayed rock solid the whole time. I know we're now on the second generation of Arius but with a history of broken plates from Riedell I get nervous with their products. Roll-lines on the other hand are generally considered to be the gold standard of dependability and toughness.

I switched to them from the Avengers because I wanted to remove some of the natural turn from the plate. I'd already put the red barrels on my avengers but still felt like they wanted to turn too much when I was in a wall and trying to slow a jammer down. With the Killers I have all of the agility I need but with a lot more stability. Also at higher speeds when I'm OPRing or in a fast pack I have a lot more stability and less strain on my ankles.

Only downfalls are that they come from the factory with Metric toe stops and 7mm axles which can make spares for bearings and toe stops hard to find. I think you may be able to order them with standard threads and 8mm axles now but I'm not 100% on that.

I highly recommend them.
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